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The left block is rendered with the usage of the particular controller like this:

{{ render(path('bitbag_sylius_cms_plugin_shop_block_render', {'code' : 'homepage_header_image'})) }}

It also can take template as a parameter, but it's optional. In this case, it works the same as below Twig functions. Sometimes you might want the block to render in a different template, that's where the controller is useful.

The other three blocks, including this one you are reading right now, are using Twig helper method.

{{ bitbag_cms_render_block('homepage_intro') }}
{{ bitbag_cms_render_block('homepage_banner_image_1') }}
{{ bitbag_cms_render_block('homepage_banner_image_2') }}

The block with this nice woman is linked to another page. Click her and see what happens. No pornography included. I promise

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