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The block you can see on the left is just a block associated with a section named Products

With this feature, you can render any block you want on the product page, like size table, delivery information, or even promotion banner.

It's done with a simple controller render:

{{ render(path('bitbag_sylius_cms_plugin_shop_block_index_by_section_code', {'sectionCode' : 'products', 'template' : '@BitBagSyliusCmsPlugin/Shop/Block/index.html.twig'})) }}

On the other hand, the block on the right is a block associated with specific products.

This approach can be helpful with displaying some content dedicated to specific products, like size table or product story

The way you render it is similar to the one from above example:

{{ render(path('bitbag_sylius_cms_plugin_shop_block_index_by_product_code', {'productCode' : product.code, 'template' : '@BitBagSyliusCmsPlugin/Shop/Block/index.html.twig'})) }}




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